what kind of business are you?

In a single phrase – we make and install high-end artificial plants for commercial clients.

We’ve done it since 1986, which is a fair time – so we must be doing something right.

It’s also all we do, there are no side-lines, and over the past 35 years we’ve evolved and changed to reflect changing styles and customer demand. Not to mention pandemics! If a business doesn’t do that – and keep doing it – it’s going to become toast. Or Woolworths.

About 75% of our work is installed outdoors using the UV-resistant plants we build, and we do projects all over the world. That being said, a good half are in London or nearby

where are you based, and what are your opening hours?

We’re at 301 Fulham Road, SW10 9Q. That’s on the junction with Drayton Gardens and Beaufort Street - opposite the nice Art Deco cinema.

The front section is our retail outlet for interior things, flowers, trees, orchids, plants etc. You can just pop in and pick up what appeals.

The back section (through some Soho-style black net curtains…) is full of samples of our exterior grade plants, olive trees, green walls, pots etc., which we then make up to order.

We’re around Monday-Friday from 11am to 5pm. No need for an appointment, anybody can help – but if it’s a particularly large or complex project, it’s best to book in so you see the right person. A day or so’s notice is all we need, we’d like to think we’re pretty relaxed and flexible!

are you open to everybody, or are you trade only?

Good question, I’m glad I asked it…

Most of our work is with architects, designers and commercial end-users. But we’re happy to work with anybody if they’re local, or are prepared to do some legwork. So if you’ve got a roof terrace or need window boxes or whatever, get in touch – we don’t bite!

Just have a look at the site, note the reference numbers of what appeals and then use the contact form. If we can help, we will.

why don’t you do online or mail order sales?

Simply because we can’t be all things to all people, and it’s never been part our business. It would be hard to post a four metre tall tree, for starters!

Artificial plants don’t really lend themselves to internet sales, except at the bottom rung of the quality ladder. They never did back in the mail-order days either.

Having said that, if you’re a swipe left/swipe right sort of person, there are plenty of sites selling fake plants out there. Good luck, at least you won’t catch anything!

are your products available anywhere else?

No, and anybody who says they have the same stuff as us is telling porkies! Yes, topiary shapes can look similar, but how well they’re made - and how long they last - are what matter. It’s a bit like a cheap pair of shoes – all very well until it rains!

why is your stuff better?

Simply because this is all we do – and it’s all we’ve done for the past 35 years. We’re not a bolt-on to a home furnishing store, nor a side-line for a struggling live gardener.

It’s a very narrow remit, and therefore we have to be better - and keep improving - to survive and grow.

We innovate, we design and manufacture a lot of what we have so it’s unique to us, and we’re entirely quality-driven.

We’ve found over the years that if we can make something that’s close to perfect, the best we can do regardless of price, then it will sell. There are a lot of other businesses that share our philosophy - PP, DRC, SF, to not name a few!

are you expensive?

The simple answer is that we can’t answer that for you - cost and value for money are very subjective.

All we can say is that all the pictures on this site are of projects people have commissioned and paid for. Many of them cost tens - and some, hundreds of thousands of pounds to do. So we must represent good value to those clients, for both products and service. A lot of them use us regularly, too!

Whether it’s too much for your particular budget is another question altogether. But it’s normally better to have a few good things rather than lots of bad ones.

You’re welcome to get in touch to chat stuff through ask prices before setting a budget at the start of a project. It’s often better than taking a guess and then finding you can’t do the job properly.

In the end, though, it’s really your call. It comes back to personal choice as to what level of quality you - and your clients - can live with. And that’s not for us to say!

are the photographs here all the jobs you’ve ever done?

Far from it – if they’re 1% of them, we’d be surprised! They’re simply the ones we managed to get a good, representative picture of. The vast majority of projects are building sites when we go in, scaffolding, towers, electricians’ ladders, cables everywhere, no proper light.

Add in the fact that a lot of clients don’t want their buildings identified and that removes a lot of the high end private stuff, plus royal palaces, secret service HQs, superyachts and the like!

Also, when we ship for remote installation we rarely see any pictures. We’ve got nothing to show for the 40’ containers of topiary that went to Japan for a department store chain - nor a 747 full of 5m trees to Bahrain, for example.

do you have a social media presence?

*Puts hand over face, runs screaming from the room* ‘Noooo!’

When we were little many of us had imaginary friends, but we grew out of it aged about five. That’s Facebook out of the picture.

Similarly, why anybody would be remotely interested in 140 characters of us virtue-signalling is a mystery. Au revoir, Twitter.

And, finally, we’re unlikely to get any worthwhile business from the sort of people who attach heart and unicorn emojis to photographs . Adios, Instagram!

The reality is that none of our plants have opposing thumbs. It’s really hard for them to use a keyboard.

why don’t you publish a client list?

We’ve always thought they’re a bit naff!

Doing one small job a decade ago for someone doesn’t really justify plastering their name on your website in perpetuity. Nobody with a brain is going to be influenced by it – also, if you really want to know, it’s fairly obvious who we work for by looking at the pictures.