After 30-odd years of doing this, we’ve ended up with some strange names for the things we do.  ‘House trees’ is one, although that’s fairly logical - it just means trees that go into houses!

They slot into our range at a price well below the hand-built trees, but are very much made to our quality standards.  We normally carry substantial stocks for fast delivery. 

In general, they run between 1.5m and 2.3m in height, and include old favourites like lyrata, dracaena, podocarpus, areca - and other odd names from a Latin dictionary.   Good for pretty much anywhere indoors, the majority we sell are ‘people-sized’ at around 1.8m. They can be shaped to fit into corners, and we also carry a range of planters for them, as per the pictures.

Yes, you can get things with similar names elsewhere, but they really aren’t the same.  Much as an own-brand cola isn’t ‘The Real Thing’ despite the red and white stripe on the label!   As always, have a close look at the pictures, and, if you’d like to, book in to come and see them in the showroom.