the showroom

Once you’ve selected what will work from the site, and we’ve talked through the wrinkles and agreed a budget, this is the next port of call. 

It’s good to bring clients in, as well.  We hear ‘I had no idea they were actually this good’ a lot.  Seeing is believing, and all that!

We’ll be working on an appointment system until Covid is no longer an issue, normally booking slots about a week ahead.  Currently it’s from Tuesday to Thursday, hourly from 11am to 5pm. 

We’ll all need to be sensible, too. That means – for the time being - you’ll need to have either proof of one or two vaccinations or a recent (7 days or less) negative Covid test.   Either/both of which should be emailed to us at least a day before the appointment.  

We appreciate that’s a pain, but it’s been very boring (and expensive) having to keep closing the showroom over the past year just because a few people don’t think the rules apply to them… Also, we’re all testing regularly here to protect you, so fair’s fair!

showroom interior mosaic 2021