the showroom

As it’s now in the same building as our warehouse and workshops, we’ll continue with an appointment system so we can co-ordinate it with production. That way you won’t be fighting your way in past a job going out, or dodging a fork-lift unloading! We’re normally booking slots about a week ahead, on Wednesdays and Thursdays. A visit is really intended as the final step - once you’ve selected what will work from the site, and we’ve talked through the technical wrinkles and budget.

We’ve also stopped doing the retail ‘pick up and take away’ flowers and orchids part of the business. To be honest it had been uneconomical for some years, so we let it go quietly to sleep in the lockdowns! Apart from that, there are lots of full size examples of pretty much everything you can see on the website, both exterior and interior.

As a bonus, whatever we have in production at the moment will also be around, so feel free to bring clients in, as well. We hear ‘I had no idea they were actually this good’ ‘or ‘that’s really big’ a fair bit. Seeing is believing (or ‘it’s not the size that counts’), and all that!