the showroom

This is normally the first port of call if you’re looking to work with us, it speeds up the whole process enormously.

Seeing is believing, and it’s pretty impressive – we get a lot of ‘I had no idea they were this good’!

As a rule, it simply isn’t possible to buy fake plants online or from pictures. Or rather, it is - but not successfully or reliably if you’re after stuff people (and you…) won’t wince at! You’ll also find that most other people selling fake plants either don’t have showrooms - or will find reasons why you can’t come and look at what they have. Wonder why...

We put our money where our mouth is - we actively want you to come and look at things, up close and in 3D. It’s not just so you can check the quality, it’s also so you can see other possibilities that might work for your specific project that you hadn’t thought of. So, when we’re allowed to re-open,
just call and book in!

showroom interior mosaic 2021