It may seem odd to have a whole section for this, particularly when lavender and rosemary have very similar leaves, but they’re actually really useful plants.  The silver-grey leaves let us put together neutral zones of low planting, but with the option of subtle splashes of colour.  

They also lend themselves to schemes which fall between the rigid structure of topiary and the wild-and-wonderful mixed planting we do.   They’re so versatile that they often end up accompanying both of the other styles.   

We’re not botanists (some of you are barely human… Ed.) but we do appreciate that ‘real’ lavender has a flowering season.  In our defence there are a lot of similar-looking plants that do flower all year round.   That’s why we have several tones of purple, plus blue and white (both UK varieties, allegedly!) and even a ‘budding’ green version.

As always, they’re UV, rain and (probably) alien-attack resistant, and we can make them up as drop-ins to fit existing planters if the project is a long way away.  Have a look at the pictures here, but you’ll find also them lurking elsewhere on the site!