We make a lot of window boxes, probably because they do a handy job of blocking the view of the boring bit of the street! Also, keeping live plants going in such a tiny amount of soil is fairly hard work, and going away for any period of time is normally fatal...

Our plants are all UV and water resistant, of course, and will last for years. It’s also not a problem to re-use your existing boxes by making up the planting as a complete drop-in insert. We do have a useful range of simple UV and frost-proof planters should you need them, plus a choice of brackets. Most of the ones here are from us fyi.

In terms of look, it’s up to you – certain styles do suit certain buildings better – so you could go for a tidy hedge, neat balls – or a wild natural look… Or vary things with heather, rosemary, lavender and/or a mix of ivies. The only limit is your individual taste. And, of course, the number of windows you have!

There are normally quite a few of the ones you see here dotted around the showroom. Ideally take some pictures and measure your windows, then book in to see what appeals in the flesh.