do you have any competition?

*Adopts zen pose, steeples hands, tries to look philosophical* ‘We only compete against ourselves’

As well as being really, really (really) modest, we’re number one in a field of one. It’s not blind self-belief or marketing bull, it’s just an honest assessment of our abilities and a long knowledge of the marketplace. There’s nothing better out there, we’ve looked – and we keep looking. We’re professional, relaxed and friendly, and we know exactly what we’re doing.

We’re also not greedy, we generally have lots of business in hand – so if it’s not do-able, we’ll say so. You’ll often hear ‘I think you might do better with live plants there, it’ll be less expensive for the duration you need them’, or, my favourite, ‘you don’t need a green wall, you just need a big pot of dark green paint’!

Of course, we’ve always had ‘tribute acts’. Local-ish, they sell things that look a bit like our stuff, but isn’t. The best analogy might be ‘own brand’ cola versus the real thing. Having a red label with a white wavy line on it doesn’t mean it’s the real thing.

But don’t take our word for it though, please do your research. If you really can’t see any difference between our stuff and what’s elsewhere, then there’s no point in paying the extra – just do a metaphorical swipe right and go for it!