First of all, anything that isn’t going to look good. No point in spoiling a nice building with something unsuitable and/or naff.

Leaving taste aside, most things we turn down on a technical basis are because some bright spark has cobbled together a ‘concept’ which ignores the laws of gravity. They’ve then sold the idea to their client without calling us to check whether it’s actually do-able! Architects are particularly good at this…

Apart from that, in an entirely irrational way:-

  • Flower arches/ Instagram walls:
    Have some pride, stand out from the crowd. Be the only beauty salon / tea-shop / hairdresser / nail bar / spa in your street without one!
  • Weddings:
    Honestly, you only get married a few times in your life (speak for yourself. Ed.), so keep live florists in business - they do it beautifully
  • And our pet rant.
    What’s with calling things ‘faux’ ? A final light-hearted plea. Whatever you do, please don’t call them ‘faux’ It’s such a prim euphemism, the equivalent of calling a certain part of your anatomy a ‘front bottom’. They’re fake - live with it, embrace it!

Talk soon! Or, if you’re now mortally offended, not...