First of all, anything that isn’t going to look good.

Most things we turn down on a technical basis are because some bright spark has cobbled together a ‘concept’ and sold it to the client - without calling us to check whether it’s actually do-able! Junior architects are particularly good at this…

Apart from that, in an entirely irrational way:-

  • Flower arches around doors and/or Instagram walls. Have some pride, be the only beauty salon / tea-shop / hairdresser / nail bar in your street without one!
  • Weddings. Honestly, you only get married a few times in your life, so keep live florists in business - they do it beautifully. Also there are few more boring things than trying to find the right shade of cream rose for people who’ve lost the plot (you’ve seen the TV shows…) écru that!
  • And finally, our pet rant. What’s with calling things ‘faux’ ? Faux fleurs, faux trees, faux ivy and so on.

Honestly, it’s just so prim and twee, much like calling a certain part of your anatomy a ‘front bottom’. They’re fake, artificial, man-made - and they’re really clever artefacts in their own right. Embrace it!

See you soon! Or, if you’re now mortally offended, not.