are you expensive?

The simple answer is that we can’t answer that for you - cost and value for money are very subjective.

All we can say is that all the pictures on this site are of projects people have commissioned and paid for. Many of them cost tens - and some, hundreds of thousands of pounds to do. So we must represent good value to those clients, for both products and service. A lot of them use us regularly, too!

Whether it’s too much for your particular budget is another question altogether. But it’s normally better to have a few good things rather than lots of bad ones.

You’re welcome to get in touch to chat stuff through ask prices before setting a budget at the start of a project. It’s often better than taking a guess and then finding you can’t do the job properly.

In the end, though, it’s really your call. It comes back to personal choice as to what level of quality you - and your clients - can live with. And that’s not for us to say!