It probably isn’t actually marram grass, but one of the team said it looks like the stuff that grew near Saunton Sands when they were little, so marram grass it is!

It’s a really useful outdoor item, with a nice casual look - and also has the advantage of moving in the wind. As always, it’s UV fast, rain and frost-proof.

We have a couple of variations in green, plus a nice slightly warmer one with a bit of red at the base. Because the leaves are a little translucent, they also look different as the light changes, hence the variations in the pictures. Average height when planted in troughs or long runs is around 50cm, and we can raise the centre bit to about 80cm above the lip when it’s in individual pots.

The pictures here show it being used as single item (almost said ‘monoculture’,,,) but you’ll also find it in other pictures dotted around this site as part of mixed planting projects.