Every year we do a few pretty large projects - ones that involve a lot of different plants and trees, and require a fair bit of design time and planning - not to mention the logistics of building and getting things there.

More than half are overseas, so we've developed techniques to fit things neatly into 40’ containers and then re-assemble them like a ship in a bottle. We also pre-fabricate everything at warehouse so we minimise time and clutter onsite.

Some are hotels, some are private houses, some are residential developments and some are even yachts (one of which, notably, absorbed a six figure sum in flower arrangements!). A good proportion of them can't be named as the client (quite rightly) didn't want anything identifiable shown, but there are 'anonymised' parts of them dotted around the site.

A lot of them have as many items for the interior as the exterior, but that's almost impossible to show in pictures, so this set of pictures just shows where, by chance, we could get a lot of the project (or at least a representative bit!) into one picture.