‘Big trees’ isn’t a massively good description, but ‘trees 3m and above’ is pretty dull as well. Three metres - ten feet in old money - is where we have an arbitrary height division in our range. It’s about the limit of what can be fitted into rooms with normal ceiling heights, unless you’re after the sumo-wrestler-trapped-in-a-broom-cupboard look.

We hand-build nearly all our larger trees to suit the room and practical considerations, like the need to seat people underneath them, or to have the lowest leaves out of reach. We can also make them wonky (surely ‘asymmetrical’? Ed.) to suit. There are always issues with shipping and getting them into a building, but over the years we’ve developed some neat solutions of the ‘ship in a bottle’ type.

Any custom tree takes a few weeks to build, but we do appreciate that some projects get brought forward, and/or a live tree has suddenly given up the ghost. That’s why we carry two types of 3m trees in stock, the olive and the ficus alii, and can get those to you as soon as we have a gap in our installation schedule.

If you’re after something smaller, have a look at house trees or our handbuilt range.