Hello, and welcome to Fake Landscapes. 

For those who don’t know us, we design and build exterior and interior greenery for what are loosely called ‘high-end projects’.  Anything from hotels, residential developments and restaurants through to yachts, pools and private houses.   

It’s been our business for the past 35 years and we work (when permitted…) all over the world.  We like to think we’re relaxed, professional, and pretty good at what we do.  Modest, too!

Our speciality is outdoor landscaping.   Hand-made living walls, boxwood and bay topiary, hedges, ivy screens, cypress trees, window boxes and more.  All UV resistant, wind and water-proof, and to a level of quality well above anything else out there.   

For interiors, we have handmade trees of all sizes, high-level trailing greenery and flowers to the same high standards.  Of course many outdoor items - like green walls and ivy - work indoors equally well.

You can get a pretty good feel for our style from the 170+ pictures on this site, all from real-world projects we’ve completed.  Take your time to go through them, then email us via the contact form with the reference numbers of those you like.

Finally, if you’re a private customer, live locally, and are looking for exterior greenery, no need to feel excluded!  Yes, we are ‘trade’, but we do install a lot of planting for people’s window boxes, balconies, patios and roof terraces here in London. Pop in to 301 Fulham Road to have a look, and we can take it from there!