FAKE LANDSCAPES - the artificial plant company

Hello, and welcome to the fake landscapes website - like Brexit, it's been 'under construction' (in an apathetic way) for some time!

Here are a few sample pictures, these should turn into web pages with many more pictures in the Spring 2020, that is!

We (actually that's the royal 'we', it's all my fault!) have been really lazy updating the website. Mainly because - despite it being so old-fashioned - we're always crazy busy.

That being said, the ONLY (note capitals, bold type, underline, italics .... ) way to choose what you want is to come in and see for yourself. That's why we keep a large showroom at the Chelsea end of Fulham Road. You really can't get any idea of what the stuff actually looks like on the web. Even with arty pictures like these.

At the risk of flogging analogies to death, you can't tell what a car is like to drive from pictures, nor how a steak tastes, nor - I'm reliably informed - can you trust the pictures and descriptions on online dating sites ...

We're here 1030-6 Monday to Friday-relaxed, friendly, and we don't bite ...

See you soon! Link to dull, boring current website here


301 Fulham Road LONDON SW10 9QH e:  [email protected]t:  020 7835 1500