They’re nothing of the sort, of course!

In brief, we’re a commercial landscape contractor, dealing mainly with architects, designers and commercial end users. But if you’re local - and are after window boxes and outdoor plants for balconies and terraces at home, we'll do our best to help.

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why is the website full of more-or-less obscure cultural references, mild sarcasm and attempts at low wit?

Well, you’d certainly have needed a sense of humour to have got through 2020 and 2021 as a business whose vastly expensive showroom was closed for most of the time…

We think that businesses – and therefore their websites – should reflect the personalities of the people who work there. They’re fake plants; we’re not saving the world…

Also, people either ‘get’ us, or they don’t. There’s no point in beating our brains out to convert po-faced people who say ‘I don’t like artificial plants, never will’.

We accept that there will always be a few ‘fakeists’ out there. One can only hope they don’t let that narrow, prejudiced mind-set spill over into areas of equality, race or gender…