are you open to everybody, or are you trade only?

Good question, I’m glad I asked it…

Most of our work is with architects, designers and commercial end-users. But we’re happy to work with anybody if they’re local, or are prepared to do some legwork. So if you’ve got a roof terrace or need window boxes or whatever, get in touch – we don’t bite!

Just have a look at the site, note the reference numbers of what appeals and then use the contact form. If we can help, we will.

The one thing we’re definitely not is a conventional retail shop. So if you’re after something small in a pot for Aunt Ethel - and you’ve decided against a bottle of Bailey’s, which she’d probably prefer - then in all honesty we aren’t your people.

You’ll do better to go to Wayfair, Oka, Neptune, Ikea, TK Maxx – those sorts of places. They have cushions and table lamps, too – the dream!