There was a strong temptation to say that this section was a load of balls, but we -almost - managed to resist it.  Anyway, they’re not.  We have cubes, teardrops and lollipops as well!

One of the main things that makes our fake topiary work so well is that it’s slightly wonky, much as plants are in nature.  Not a lot, but just enough to fool the eye-brain combo into seeing something organic.  We can do this because we hand-make all of them in our workshops here in London, rather than just import green footballs like everybody seems to!

There are more pictures than usual in this section to show both the variety of shapes and also how they work in different containers.   A lot of the planters are the clients’ existing ones, probably because the live boxwood they had didn’t make it.  There’s really no truth in the rumour that we released those caterpillars…

As always, everything is UV, rain and frost resistant, with rot-proof trunks.  As a rough guide in Northern Europe they should last a minimum of five years with no significant change. We’ve got plenty out there twice as old as that, and we’re improving the materials every year as well - so that’s a cautious estimate.