Cypress trees are the largest outdoor plants we do, and can be built up to 10m tall, although most seem to fall into the 3 to 5m range.

A tall formal shape naturally lends itself to classical architecture, like the London pictures. The fixed size and shape works in balance with the building without needing constant trimming (or dealing with that weird yellow pollen that goes everywhere!).

They’re also equally good out in gardens to add structure or define a boundary, like the Far East projects shown.  Most of our cypress trees are designed to go in planters, but we can also make them ‘grow’ straight out of the ground if you like.

The leaf has tremendous UV and weather resistance, and is among the longest lasting ones we do - 10 years and counting at some sites.  The base structure is as tough as old boots, too, a welded steel frame that resembles a Zeppelin.  But lighter.  And yes, I did nearly avoid the ‘Led’ reference…  We can also make them in sections for containerised shipping, or to get them into sites where access is difficult.

Because of their complexity, production time is (for us) relatively long at around 12-14 weeks, but it’s worth the wait - there’s really nothing like them out there!