It’s hard to find the right snappy phrase to describe this section, hence the dull title!

Basically it’s a way of landscaping larger planters - often on terraces – when people don’t need the structure of topiary hedges or other shapes. It’s normally a mix of the other plants we do, grasses, lavenders and so on, but cheerfully jumbled up to look like a smaller version of the sort of gardens that get oohs and aahs at the Chelsea Flower Show.

In some ways it’s an extension of our ‘hipster’ window boxes, but the extra surface area lets us leave areas of slate, and be cheerfully asymmetrical. As you might guess, they’re fun looking, we like them, and we seem to be doing more and more of them!

The only small disadvantage is that there isn’t a great deal of height to the plants, which is why there are a fair number of taller envelope planters being used here.

As always, everything here is UV, rain and frost resistant, but it can be used indoors as well (around skylights, for example). Then - as with living walls - we can add plants that won’t work outside. If you have a look at the ‘Indoor’ section of this site, there are some nice examples.