Our https://www.fake.com/showroom is in the same buildings as our offices, workshops and warehouse, at 30/31 Glenville Mews, SW18 4NJ in leafy Wandsworth. It sounds like a lovely place, you could imagine cobblestones and wisteria – but in reality it’s a very dull 1980’s industrial estate!

We’re around Monday-Friday from 10am to 6pm, but we see people by appointment only. Sorry about the red type and underline, but we do get people who haven’t quite understood knocking on the door! Basically, we’re not a retail shop where you can come and browse - it’s a busy working environment and that’s the most sensible way we’ve found to keep everybody safe.

It’s not as if we’re floating a radical new idea either, the appointment principle seems to work well for doctors, lawyers, hairdressers and restaurants!