why don’t you do online or mail order sales?

In reality, in online the product being sold is irrelevant, the skill of is it all in the logistics. Which is why Orinoco or whatever it’s called has done so well – it’s a brilliant set-up if you’re not too critical.

Artificial plants don’t lend themselves to internet sales, except maybe at the bottom rung of the quality ladder. They never did back in the mail-order days either.

The things that make our stuff great simply don’t show in pictures. Much as the profiles on a dating site just show the shell, not the personality – and you can’t tell how shoes fit from photos. Some things are just naturally analogue and need you to be there in person.

Having said that, if you’re a swipe left/swipe right sort of person, there are plenty of sites selling fake plants out there at all sorts of prices. Good luck!