indoor plants, flowers & trees

It may seem odd to single out indoor trees, plants and flowers for a separate section, but so much of what we now do is for outdoor use that it makes sense to keep them apart to avoid confusion*. 

When we say they’re for interiors only, it simply means that the materials and dyes we use  to get the detail and subtle colour aren’t as happy with wind, rain and sunshine.   Otherwise they’re unbeatable, close-up there’s nothing like them for sheer quality.

We’re particularly proud of our hand-built trees, both small and large.  Yes, anybody can make a fake tree, but making ones with balance and style to work with high end interiors is a very different matter.  A lot of trees out there have all the elegance of the sort of blokes who played bass in glam-rock bands, and didn’t feel comfortable in their bacofoil jump-suits…

As always, do browse the pictures and read the captions, and get in touch if they hit the spot.

*Of course, everything  we do for outdoors will work indoors, so there are a lot of overlaps - notably living walls, which is why we haven’t got a separate page for them here.