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We’re having a bit of trouble with this page! 

For some reason people are going straight to it and writing ‘window box’ or ‘tree’ on the form without looking at the relevant – and lovingly compiled – pages that have loads of window boxes and trees on them!   

There was a strong temptation to put something pithy like ‘Attention span of a gnat?’ or ‘Need to go to Specsavers?’ here, but our kinder side prevailed….

So…. it would be great if you had a good look at the relevant parts of the site before you start, let us know the reference numbers of the items you like, and tell us a little about what and where your project is.  

There’s also a section at the bottom where you can attach and upload plans and pictures. Try and go for a size of around 300kb, then they’ll be a workable size for us to view.

Thanks, or, if you’re modern kiss kiss emoji jazz hands!

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    Attachments (.pdf / .png / .jpg / .jpeg, less than 8Mb)