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As a first option, just pick up the phone and call us on 020 7835 1500. It’s much friendlier; we can chat things through in a relaxed way and get you to the right person.

If you’d rather not (or if you’re shy!) then fill in the bits below. We’ve tried to make this as simple as possible; we really aren’t interested in harvesting your data. Nor, indeed, your internal organs, though a lot of websites give that impression…

That being said, it would help if you told us a little about what and where the project is, and let us know some rough measurements. There’s also a section at the bottom where you can attach and upload plans and pictures. Try and go for a size of around 500kb, then they’ll be a workable size for us to view.

Finally, we’ve spent a fair bit of time (seems like years….) covering all the queries we could think of in the FAQ section. So if you haven’t trawled through it, please do so or there’s a chance we’ll just send you a link to the relevant bit!

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