outdoor UV

Just because something says it’s ‘UV safe’ on the label doesn’t mean it is.  And where will your internet seller be in a year or so when it turns bright blue and the client shouts at you?!

These pictures are all of actual jobs we’ve done.  Some of the sites were between five and fifteen years old at the time they were photographed and they still look really good.   People come back to us for project after project because of that.

We’ve got enough sites under our belt over the past thirty years in all parts of the world to know what will - and won’t – work in any particular project.  So if we say it can’t be done, it’s with good reason!

As with everything in life, you only get what you pay for.  Perfect, natural looking fake plants like ours do cost money.  So if budget is all-important it’s far better to either use less of them, well positioned - or consider live plants.  Nothing shouts ‘we’re cheapskates and have skimped on everything else here’ more than naff artificial plants on an otherwise nice building!  

The internet has a lot to answer for….