outdoor UV

Just because something says it’s for outdoors doesn’t mean it’ll work outdoors. It’s easy to print a label with ‘UV’ on it, rather like it’s easy to print a Certificate of Authenticity for Elvis’ signature!

These pictures are all of actual jobs we’ve done, not studio snaps, and if the stuff didn’t last people would have shouted and thrown pointed sticks at us. Having said that, we also ask a lot of questions about where stuff is going, which way the building faces and so on to check suitability. We’ve got enough sites under our belt over the past thirty years to know what will, and won’t, work.

Similarly, as with everything in life, you get what you pay for – hence some of the luminous horrors on buildings we drive past. Some of them we’ve quoted for, but clearly budget and taste were in short supply! Nothing shouts ‘we’re cheapskates - and have skimped on everything else in the building’ than naff fake plants. Far better to use live plants or paint the wall green than put up tat, surely?.