Also known as green walls and vertical walls.  Technically, they’re ‘non-living’ walls of course!  We’ve been building these for about twenty years, and (modestly…) we haven’t seen anything better than ours yet.   Apart from live ones, some of which are quite amazing - but they do require an awful lot of upkeep.

We hand-build each wall, varying the plant sizes, types and density to suit the viewing distance and the client’s preferences.   Some cover over 200m2, others just a little corner of a patio, but they’re all very ‘three dimensional’ and broadly European in terms of species - so they look entirely plausible.  

We can do ‘tropical’ ones as well, but they require a great deal of care to blend the colours and shapes subtly.  There are a lot of eye-wateringly bad ones out there on the internet that look like they’re channelling the backdrops to Star Trek, The Original Series!

Although fully UV and rain-resistant, all of our living walls can be - and are - used indoors, often in swimming pools.  Without having to worry about sun, wind and rain, we can then add all sorts of fun extra detail, like flowers and ferns. 

Apart from the nice pictures here, we also have full size green walls dotted around the showroom, plus sample panels. Nice as the pictures are, by far the best way to make a decision is to come in and stand in front of them - so just call and book in!