If we’re honest, we personally like simple and loosely structured flower arrangements in whites and greens, with scattered foliage.  Maybe with the odd splash of colour to suit the room - almost as if you’d wandered into an idealised English garden in early summer and scooped up a selection of what looked nice.

Our orchids follow the same principle, simple and not too rigid looking, often in oval boats and always nicely curved with a good mass of leaves below.

The pictures here show what might be loosely called our ‘house style’, so if you’re after something that looks like the fireworks at the closing ceremony of the Olympics - or involves pine cones and cinnamon sticks - we probably aren’t your people!

Also, most fake flowers look OK in pictures, but not in real life. All of our flower and orchid arrangements are of spectacular quality close up.  We’re neurotic about quality, and you don’t have to take our word for it, either - just book in to come to the showroom.

A final light-hearted plea.  Whatever you do, please don’t call them ‘faux fleurs’. Honestly, it’s just so prim and dated – the equivalent with calling a certain part of your anatomy a ‘front bottom’...  They’re fake flowers – embrace the idea!