About us

FAKE LANDSCAPES - the artificial plant company

We're now based at 301 Fulham Road, LONDON SW10 9QH, which is where Drayton Gardens and Beaufort Street cross Fulham Road, opposite the cinema. We were based at 164 Old Brompton Road for 28-odd years, so we're still adjusting to the move and having so much more space! We're very specialised, and just deal in fake / replica / faux / artificial - or whatever you want to call them flowers, plants and trees.

We work on a number of levels - our main business is commercial interiors - hotels, corporate headquarters, ships, retail and the like, normally with a crisp, contemporary style as the pictures show - anything from an apple to a 50-foot tree. We're happy to work direct with our clients, but a good deal of our work is through architects and interior designers. Although based in England, we work worldwide on many of these projects. We also supply a good deal of weird and wonderful things for film, television and the theatre.

That being said, we also have an ever increasing number of private clients, who can buy direct from our retail shop - just click on the 'retail' link for more information.

for more information and friendly advice just call us on +44 020 7835 1500 or (if you're shy!)