why do I have to make an appointment?

Because most projects need a little time and space for us to chat through, look at your pictures and plans, for you to handle the products and so on. It’s much more relaxed (and civilised!) to have some peace and quiet without people wandering in asking for directions or when the film starts!

It’s not as if we’re floating a radical new idea either, the principle seems to work well for doctors, lawyers, hairdressers and restaurants and others. We were headed that way anyway, Covid just accelerated our doing it.

As a heads-up, parking nearby is dismal unless you’ve got a local RBKC permit. There are meters but they’re always blocked by builders vans. By taxi is simplest, unless you’ve got a personal hovercraft or nuclear tricycle. Nearest tube stations are Gloucester Road and South Kensington, and they’re both a healthy fifteen minutes’ walk away – so you can get lots of brownie points on your smartwatch.